Every year, we honor International Women’s Day by showcasing the many brilliant and capable women that populate our lives. Many are responsible for technologies we use every day like heating, lightweight glasses, and even big data algorithms while others are inspiring leaders and everyday heroes.

And yet, the gender gap persists — especially in STEM, where just 21% of the people who work in computing and mathematical occupations are women. To put that in context, 57% of the workforce in the US is female.

As someone who has worked my whole career in STEM, it’s glaring how little female representation…

If you’ve ever been to a foreign country where you don’t understand the language, you know how difficult it is to communicate.

Now think about computers.

As we all know, they speak the language of numbers. Everything that goes through a computer is converted in numbers and then converted again so humans can understand it. Computers need to represent text as numbers or word embedding so we can understand each other.

This is not an easy task and that’s the reason there’s a lot of research on that topic. And, if you’re interested in word embedding and sentence embedding, you…

Start today!

When I started my own business 20 years ago, I decided to do it on my own. Not only has my business stayed afloat during these 20 years, but it has also survived crises, changes in technology (the first patent I filed was for WAP technology!), and several life changes.

Working with innovators, I meet all kinds of them. Some innovators are bootstrapping, some just left their jobs to bootstrap, others are looking for funding, and some others are already working with investors that believe in their idea.

I’ve learned that there’s no cookie-cutter way to build a company. That’s…

Nothing beats the feeling of looking back and realizing you’ve built something from the ground up by yourself.

We’re not saying there’s no merit in having help, but doing it for yourself provides a special satisfaction.

It’s not simple, and it’s not easy, but that’s never stopped you before.

We’ve been there and we understand.

We’re here to tell you it’s not easy but that many that have done it before! It’s possible to build a company with limited capital. It’s possible to grow without having VCs involved. We know it because we’ve done it ourselves!

Here are a few…

We, at KISSPlatform and KISSpatent, work endlessly to help innovators go from idea to market quickly and efficiently. We believe in increasing access for everyone, especially innovators — to resources, to markets, and to changing the world!

This is our story.

Our journey

Our story as KISS begins with KISSPatent.

We founded KISSPatent to help innovators, of all shapes and sizes, protect their ideas.

We’d noticed early on that the idea protection process can be very confusing and overwhelming, especially for newcomers, so we set out to simplify the old-fashioned system and produce straightforward resources centered around intellectual property and idea protection.

Our main goal at KISSPatent is to support innovators. Of course, in the beginning, that meant helping them get protection for their ideas. But, as time passed by, we realized that innovators needed more.

And that’s how our sister company, KISSPlatform, was born. KISSPlatform is our next step to keep supporting innovators!

KISSPlatform is a place where you’ll be able to compare your ideas, connect them with the right market and business model, and beat the competition!

As you can read, the first thing KISSPlatform will allow you to do is to compare your ideas. Before you can do anything…

I’m going to be a speaker in the European Blockchain Convention (get your tickets here, I’ll be speaking on September 21st!). I’ll be talking about Intellectual Property and Blockchain.

The organizers of the EBC interviewed me so I could talk about this topic and when they published it, we got an interesting reply on Twitter. I could’ve just answered in a short tweet (or thread) but instead, I want to expand on the topic as I believe it will be useful for people working with blockchain technology.

This was the question:

Can patents be enforced on decentralized autonomous tech? At…

Sure, valuing a startup prior to launch is quite difficult — even angel investors require an MVP (minimum viable product) which has, ideally, been experienced and tested by users.

It doesn’t matter if these users aren’t paying or may have only paid a small amount, what the investors are looking for is whether you can create and launch a viable product.

Venture Capitalists, on the other hand, require sales with significant growth.

So, how can you determine your valuation if you are pre-launch?

One method is through traction. If your product hasn’t been launched, then sales obviously aren’t available —…

At KISSPatent and KISSPlatform, we strongly believe in innovation. But, we also know that innovation can’t truly happen without diversity because diversity brings people together with different experiences and perspectives to create a marketplace of unique ideas. True innovation is about making this world a better place, not just for some but for everyone and that can’t happen without diverse innovators.

We value and embrace diversity at KISSPatent but we want to do more, that’s why we’re announcing our diversity initiative today: supporting law students from underrepresented backgrounds who want to become patent attorneys.

A report from the American Intellectual…

How the first patent I filed resulted in a successful partnership

The year was 1999.

We were about to start a new century. Everybody was thinking about the Y2K, Napster had launched, people started buying colorful iBooks, I bought my first DVD to replace my old VHS, and Bill Gates was named the wealthiest person in the world.

We were just starting to realize how important the tech industry would be in the next century.

But most importantly, I filed my first patent. It was before I opened my own company.

If you’re wondering why this is relevant to you…

Dvorah Graeser

CEO of KISSPatent, providing strategic patent protection for tech startups www.kisspatent.com

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