Our Story as KISS

Dvorah Graeser
4 min readNov 3, 2020

We, at KISSPlatform and KISSpatent, work endlessly to help innovators go from idea to market quickly and efficiently. We believe in increasing access for everyone, especially innovators — to resources, to markets, and to changing the world!

This is our story.

Our journey

Our story as KISS begins with KISSPatent.

We founded KISSPatent to help innovators, of all shapes and sizes, protect their ideas.

We’d noticed early on that the idea protection process can be very confusing and overwhelming, especially for newcomers, so we set out to simplify the old-fashioned system and produce straightforward resources centered around intellectual property and idea protection.

On top of that, contrary to everyone in our industry, we offered free consultations, affordable fixed-price packages, and a straightforward protection process.

Our approach quickly started opening doors and empowering innovators and startups everywhere to have a seat at the table with the big guys. Soon the underdogs started getting a chance to fight, to get noticed, to win, and to stay ahead of the pack thanks to our innovative strategies.

So, we set our sights high and aimed to perform at a much larger scale.

With over two decades of innovation under our belts, our response to going big was automation — specifically through AI, as it can both personalize the user experience and also extend it to a mass audience.

We understood that the tools we were developing internally could also be useful for our clients, helping them increase their access to idea protection and new markets.

That’s how KISSPatent paved the way for its sister company, KISSPlatform.

KISSPlatform was born to broaden our reach and take us one step further to increase access and give innovators the tools they desperately need to break new ground faster and better.

KISSPlatform accelerates the innovation process because it helps innovators evaluate and validate ideas, compare them to existing patents, uncover competitors, find potential overlaps, and connect them to the right business model, market and buyer persona. It’s a game-changer!

However, there was something really important we needed to do first.

Before seeking to help others, we had to shift our focus inward. Determine what guides us in our daily work and in our long term strategy.

Our driving force

We had to ask ourselves important questions. What drives us? What makes us get out of bed in the morning? Why do we do what we do? Why should anyone care?

Look at what happened with so many big tech companies — they started out wanting to benefit their community and innovators everywhere. But now, so many of them want to increase their revenues and have even stopped caring about their community, or innovation for that matter.

So, how do we make sure we stay true?

Sure, tech is suffused in every aspect of what we do — as both support and wellspring of innovation. We love our tech, but our main goal is always to support innovators, to increase their access. But our tech and innovation support our values, not the other way around.

Our values include integrity, transparency, inwardly focused innovation, empathy, community, and collaboration. We hold tight to our values in everything we do.

We do what we do because we want all types of innovators to have a fighting chance to make this world a better place. Not just the big guys. Everyone.

What we’re doing

As a team, we like to be proactive rather than reactive.

We love using technology to support our vision wherever possible but we don’t hesitate to add manual services when we have to! Combining our innovative AI platform with humans helps us provide comprehensive and far-reaching solutions.

The best part? We’re able to lower costs and increase benefits for everyone!

We’re always learning from our clients, what they need, what they want, and how to best help them launch their ideas into the world. As a result, our AI platform is continuously incorporating new services. It’s mutually beneficial. Always improving. Our clients always receive the greatest benefit at the lowest cost.

We believe in the act of making things better by making better things.

What’s next

We believe tomorrow can be better if we work together to bring the best innovation to the world. Better opportunities, better technology, a brave new day to make a new kind of difference.

Sure, the future is risky, frightening, and in some ways represents one step closer to the end. But it also brings with it the possibility of better and the chance to do something that matters. That’s the kind of future we’re building.

We see a future where we move to a completely automated set of AI services — an all-in-one solution for innovation support.

We know this will take time but we’re committed to making it happen.

Our AI will get stronger and we’ll be able to adapt our services to our automation, gradually moving away from manual services. But we’ll keep the same high consistent level and great quality for all of our solutions. And all of our changes will be introduced with clear explanations so that everyone is able to use them quickly and easily.

Just like so many amazing SaaS startups, we’ll also integrate our platform with software from other companies. We want our community to get a seamless solution to their needs. Rapid innovation. Better customer experience.

We’ll provide solutions that won’t be available anywhere else, at a reasonable price.

We see a future where all types of innovators have access to better tools, to better connections, to a seat at the table — to a fighting chance to make the world a better place for all of us.

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Dvorah Graeser

CEO of KISSPatent, providing strategic patent protection for tech startups www.kisspatent.com