Why Your Startup Will Change The World

You have founded, or are thinking of founding, a startup.

Have you stopped to think about why you founded your startup?

I believe that it’s for the same reason that I founded my startup, KISSPatent: you want to make the world, or at least your special part of it, a better place.

To do that, your startup will need to change the world.

Every founder has a vision of the future — if only to imagine a world in which his or her company stands where there once was a void.

Usually, though, when we think about world-changing technology, we think about the wheel, electricity, cars, or computers.

But even apparently modest technological improvements can have tremendous positive impacts on our lives.

One example you may not have thought of is the humble plastic coffee cup lid.

Originally, these lids were flat and only meant to prevent your coffee from spilling. But, then people wanted to be able to drink from the coffee cup while moving and without spilling their coffee — during their commute, driving, or walking.

Don’t be fooled though, despite its simplicity, everything about the lid is designed to an incredible degree.

Heck, the SOLO plastic coffee lid has even been featured in a number of Modern Art exhibits and has won notable design awards.

It’s very hard to improve upon its form-follows-function design that takes into account human anatomy, ergonomics, and functionality in a simple and elegant way.

What does all of this have to do with changing the world?

Well, I wanted to prove a point.

I mentioned before that as entrepreneurs, we seek to solve problems, change the world, and make it a better place. Right?

There are millions of ways of doing so — from the simplest of solutions to super complex technologies. But, can you guess what they all have in common?

They’ve been smart about patenting their innovation. Big or small, there aren’t successful innovations without patents.

Inventions are the bedrock of innovation — an invention is a new solution to a problem and can be protected through patents.

Patents protect your interests and your groundbreaking and commercially successful technologies by ensuring that you and only you can control the commercial use of your invention.

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable investments for your startup — your ability to protect and assert these rights can determine your success or failure.

Let us be your partner on your entrepreneurial journey, regardless of what stage you’re in. We’d love to help you formulate a patent strategy for your business to provide a strong foundation for future growth, expansion, and investment.

Contact us so we can protect your world-changing ideas!

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Originally published at https://kisspatent.com on July 9, 2019.



CEO of KISSPatent, providing strategic patent protection for tech startups www.kisspatent.com

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