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Three Bite-Sized Facts on Food Startups

Looking to learn but in a rush? Check out our newest series on food startups — with easily digestible facts for you to learn while polishing off your morning coffee. Today, we begin with the general trends on food startups:

The implication: While your grandmother’s cake recipe may not be patent-worthy (it wouldn’t meet the requirement of being a unique and novel creation), it is possible to patent a recipe. However, the food needs to have a “wow” factor — whether that’s high-tech food (such as 3-D printing) or food additives (such as a foaming agent) to be approved for a patent. You can also get the wow factor with new preparation processes, machines, and packaging.

The implication: Whether your startup focuses on the food itself, complementary tech, or an additive, research shows that millennials are more than willing to try new products and flavors. Don’t be afraid to market new flavors or innovations to consumers — because that’s what millennials are looking to purchase in stores!

The implication: If you’re stuck on how to inject innovation into your food startup, look no further than the alternative dairy and plant-based food startups that are gaining popularity. Larger, legacy food companies are beginning to eye plant-based and non-dairy startups as potential targets for acquisitions, if you’re looking to start a venture that could be bought out.

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