The Future of Agriculture and Food Technology

Dvorah Graeser
3 min readApr 5, 2019


At the recent Future Food-Tech summit in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to engage with emerging startups and learn about the rapid technological innovation happening within the food industry.

We touched base with leaders in food and agriculture, who focused on what innovation means for the food sector and what the future of food is going to look like. These are the people who are responsible for shaping and influencing the food industry in the years to come — visionaries who are trying to imagine what’s next.

As a stakeholder in these conversations, we can better help startups learn how to protect their ideas in a sea of emerging trends. Here are some of the themes that matter most to startups:

More (Yes, More) Personalization Of Data For Consumers

An evident trend in the future of food technology is the ever-increasing personalization for consumers. One size no longer fits all, and brands are struggling to forge more meaningful connections with their customers.

With product choice growing exponentially and brands fighting for consumer attention, it’s no surprise that a wise minority of startups have raised their game with data-driven technology.

We heard from Postmates, an “anything” on-demand delivery platform, that unifies data to deliver world-class customer experience. They use machine learning to predict restaurant orders, personalize and tailor orders, and can meticulously calculate delivery times. With their technology and machine learning, Postmates is transforming the way that goods move around cities. They’re even working on building the delivery robot of the future, Serve.

As consumers, our hunger for informative and convenient experiences has seeped into almost all aspects of our lives — no less our culinary affairs.

We want to feel empowered and more often than not, we’re willing to hand over our precious data if it rewards us with a more relevant, tailored experience in return.

Check out our recent article on disrupting the food industry with technology where we point out the value of listening to what consumers want.

Of course, we can’t discuss food without examining the people responsible for growing it. Artificial Intelligence in agriculture is a growing trend — and it’s leading to some interesting collaborations.

Old McDonald Had A Drone

Believe it or not, modern farms are a lot more sci-fi than pastoral, loaded with cutting-edge technology and smart thinking.

And it’s not just for show. Farmers are actually embracing new tools in order to meet the demands of our changing world.

Agriculture and food tech are bringing in the tech powerhouses: satellites, artificial intelligence, robots, and drones to conserve resources, produce more food, and lower costs.

The result?

Farmers use less water, fertilizers, and pesticides, which improves their productivity and sustainability.

On another note, there was an intense debate on how to increase food production levels — with the help of GMO crops.

To learn more about this discussion & our final thoughts on the conference, read our extended summary here:

We’re definitely curious to hear your thoughts on the issues from the summit, particularly around agriculture and food technology!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us to share your thoughts.

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