The Food Sector Is Broken — And Here’s How to Fix It

As an entrepreneur, my first inclination, when faced with a problem, is to identify the root cause, user pain points, and finally, create a cohesive solution.

My thought process is driven by the belief that with a dash of creativity and collaboration, 95% of the world’s problems can be solved. And, as the CEO of a startup that works closely with other entrepreneurs, I’m constantly in awe of the amount of creativity and really advanced technology I see on a daily basis, especially in the fields of blockchain and artificial intelligence. And I am amazed by how many global issues are being solved by this combination of creativity and technology. And one of the biggest global problems that I’ve seen is food.

Look down at your mid-day snack and ask yourself: where did this food come from? Who packaged the food? What ingredients does the food contain? Are those ingredients verified?

As you can see, the concept of food touches a number of business areas: supply chain, food production, consumer packaged goods, the disruptive state of retail — and more.

While food is a problem, it is also a solution — it has the potential to change the lives of millions.

Startups have realized the potential impact of food, and have begun innovating in areas like plant protein and alternative meat. As blockchain and artificial intelligence begin to fill our everyday activities, I expect to see more startups in food becoming not just a startup that works in “food,” but a “food tech” startup.

Food relates to every area of technology. Whether it’s a blockchain startup working to provide more transparency in food supply chains or an artificial intelligence startup that can identify people’s food preferences based on pictures, the collaboration between food and technology is inevitable.

That’s why we at KISSPatent are attending The Future Food-Tech Summit and The World Agri-Tech Summit in San Francisco this month. Both summits focus on the theme of turning collaboration into revolutionary ways to disrupt the food and agricultural industries through technology.

We’re excited to attend and report back the latest trends in food/ag tech!

The food sector may be broken, but through innovative events that include multiple stakeholders, we believe that there is a solution — through food tech.

Send us an e-mail if you’ll be attending the summits — we love making new friends!

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