Malta AI & Blockchain 2019 Summit — Recap

Dvorah Graeser
4 min readMay 31, 2019


It was an incredible couple of days in Malta for the AI and Blockchain Summit. Attendance surpassed expectations, confirming the event’s rising global status.

The second edition of the summit has solidified its position as a world leading event for AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and other emerging technologies. With a whopping 5,500 delegates, 150 exhibitors, and over 100 startups over the two-day event, the summit brought together key players from these converging sectors to discuss and shape the future.

VIP Contributors

As the crypto winter begins to thaw, this couldn’t have been a better time for Malta to host the spring event.

We watched some incredible moments on stage, from heated bidding from Brock Pierce at the AI and Blockchain Awards auction, to some intriguing conference debate as Roger Ver took on Tone Vays in a BTC vs BTC Cash showdown!

In fact, the conference floor was hardly ever empty as an elite line-up of speakers kept the audience engaged with a series of panels, keynotes, and fireside chats.

Keynotes from industry giants Noel Sharkey and Bobby Lee were a hit with the audience, with Bobby Lee emphatic on Bitcoin’s staying power, arguing he believed it would eventually go up to a million dollars!

The honorable Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, also gave an air of prestige to proceedings when he reinforced the government’s support for the industry as he gave a very well-received keynote.

Some important takeaways:

Roger Ver — Angel Investor

“Overall, income per capita is significantly higher in countries with economic freedom — literary rates soar, life expectancy is higher, fewer people unemployed and fewer babies die in childbirth. Bitcoin cash and digital currency are the best tools the world has ever seen to accomplish these goals.”

Larry Sanger — Wikipedia Co-founder

“One of the main reasons blockchain has been exploding in popularity is it gives us the opportunity to take back control over data and our relationships. We should own our own data.”

Bobby Lee — BTCC CEO

“I truly believe Bitcoin is here to stay, so hold on to your Bitcoin because you’re going to be very tempted to sell when it goes up to a million dollars.”

Ben Goertzel — SingularityNET CEO

“In the next 20 to 40 years it’s pretty clear that all human jobs will go away and produce goods and services will be done by AI and robots. On the path there, things may become complicated, but this is partly where blockchain and smart contracts can help, to create new systems for economic exchange and value for labor exchange amongst people.”

The Gripping Pitch

UK-based Pynk is the world’s first People Powered Investment platform. The proposition is attractive — the core team behind the platform are digital startup veterans; it has funding from Canadian venture capital firm, Loyal VC; regulatory compliance; and it’s a graduate of two top digital accelerators.

Essentially, Pynk is harnessing the power of 10,000 people, each with their own predictions about the market, and a proprietary AI called Rose, to put your investments in the black.

Popularised by Sir Francis Galton in the early 20th century, the Wisdom of Crowds (WoC) is a well-documented phenomenon. Combining estimates, predictions, and opinions of many different people have repeatedly been proven to give more accurate results than a small selection of experts alone.

Using the Pynk platform, people input their predictions about how the Bitcoin market is going to move tomorrow — whether the price will go up or down.

The AI algorithm gobbles up that data and informs the team on how they should trade on that prediction. The people that invest money benefit and the profits are shared with everybody. The responses are evaluated by Rose using the responders’ prediction history as well as various geopolitical aspects.

The results are incredibly accurate, with an accuracy of over 87% in calling market moves anywhere between 3–9 percent.

Right now, the platform is focused solely on Bitcoin, but from next week, it’s expanding. The team is adding Nasdaq composite price and also gold. And, towards the end of the year, they’re planning predictions on the property market.

Pynk looks to have the potential of building a market-leading FinTech business, joining the likes of Revolut and Transferwise. But the company wants to be more than that.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Awards Raising 18,800€ for Charity

The AI & Blockchain Awards went off without a hitch. The star-studded event recognized some of the most important projects to innovate the industry.

Guests, including the Archduke of Austria, Brock Pierce, Roger Ver, and Vinay Gupta, were treated to networking drinks and a gourmet meal as host Rick Goddard, CCO at SiGMA, led the first round of awards.

To find out who the winners were and more key takeaways, head over to our blog and check out the full article!

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