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Dvorah Graeser
4 min readSep 8, 2020

Our main goal at KISSPatent is to support innovators. Of course, in the beginning, that meant helping them get protection for their ideas. But, as time passed by, we realized that innovators needed more.

And that’s how our sister company, KISSPlatform, was born. KISSPlatform is our next step to keep supporting innovators!

KISSPlatform is a place where you’ll be able to compare your ideas, connect them with the right market and business model, and beat the competition!

As you can read, the first thing KISSPlatform will allow you to do is to compare your ideas. Before you can do anything with your idea, you have to know how unique it is and how your idea compares to others that are already out there.

That’s where our Patent Search Tool,, comes into play.

Our engine uses AI to make your patent searches better!

First, why is a patent search relevant?

Getting a patent for your business is one of the most important strategic decisions you’ll take. A patent not only protects your business idea from copycats, but it can also increase the value of your business.

One of the reasons your value is increased is because a patent blocks others from your market. Once you have it, you’re making sure nobody else will enter that particular market.

Not every business has a truly unique idea that can be patented.

This is because you can’t patent anything that has been patented before!

One of the great things about patents is that, once they’re granted, the information about them is publicly available. Everyone can check those patents and discover if someone already had the same idea as you or if there are other companies that are interested in the kind of ideas that you’re having.

But wait, doing a patent search is easier said than done!

Why patent searches are difficult to do

As we mentioned, information related to patents is publicly available. Yes, you can check information about patents granted in 1921 or the last month. We know what you’re thinking: that’s too much information!

And it is.

It’s very difficult to find relevant patents to your idea in a sea of information and that’s mainly because most of the available tools to search for patents are keyword based.

You probably already know Google Patent Search. It works the same way as Google works, you enter a keyword and Google gives you results. Of course, you can also limit your search by year and other details.

This can also be problematic because patents can include the keywords you’re looking for, but not in a relevant way. For example, let’s say you’re looking for blockchain patents. If you enter the keyword “blockchain” you’ll get results from before blockchain was the technology we now know, just because patents used that keyword.

Although doing a keyword-based patent search is useful, it has broad results.

And then, making the assumption that you’re getting relevant results from your search, how do you classify them? How can you make that information useful for your business?

Our engine

Our engine is better because it’s not based on keywords, you’ll make searches based on your idea. And, also, you can download a report after you’ve made your search. That way, you can keep it to check it any time you want.

One way our is different from other patent search tools is that it uses AI to understand your idea and make a better patent search.

You only have to do one thing to use our tool: describe your idea. This is easy since there’s no one else that knows your idea better than you!

Of course, since we’re into the idea protection business, we can guarantee that your ideas are safe and won’t be shared with anyone.

After describing your idea, there are four ways to make a patent search:

  • An AI patent search that will look for patents that are similar to your idea
  • Two different look-alike searches that will find your competitors
  • Relevant keywords to make a better Google Patent Search

After you’ve done your search, you can download everything in a report so you can consult it later!

And just like that, you can be sure about the uniqueness of your idea. After you know that, you can start planning to get a patent, to get a proper valuation, and to launch your business!

The possibilities are endless when your idea is unique!

Back to you

This tool is just the first step of what we’re planning for KISSPlatform, so subscribe here to get updates. The engine is free for now so take advantage of it while you can!

Try tool here!

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Dvorah Graeser

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