Introducing KISSPlatform

  • Relies on AI/machine learning (particularly NLP — Natural Language Processing)
  • Supports a two-way dialogue between companies that are looking to collaborate with each other, while still protecting both parties’ ideas
  • Matches potential buyers to entrepreneurs and companies
  • Supports contract negotiation

Why an innovation platform?

When I started my first patent business, way back in 2000, I knew that my clients were all frustrated with IP services, including patent and trademark services. They were particularly frustrated with the cost. Hourly charges meant that they never knew exactly how much they would be billed for. And, it also meant that IP firms had no incentive to be efficient or to reduce their costs.

KISSPlatform — supporting innovators

KISSPlatform supports innovators and their ideas in a number of different ways, including:

  • Idea analysis
  • Suggested resources
  • Idea sharing
  • Idea protection
  • Help innovators understand which resources are needed for them to realize their dream.
  • Help innovators determine the best way to integrate different services for the development of their idea.
  • Find the best service providers for innovators.
  • Enable innovators to combine services in the most efficient way.
  • Bring service providers matches to clients in their area of specialization.
  • Give service providers a better idea of the “big picture” for their clients.

TL;DR Version:

Our KISSPlatform will be comprised of the following features:

  1. Idea Analysis — The KISSPlatform will help innovators realize the best features of their idea and identify where they will need help.
  2. Idea Sharing — The KISSPlatform will make it possible for innovates to locate and negotiate with potential partners without needing to disclose their idea first.
  3. Idea Growth — The KISSPlatform will match innovators with resources specific for their needs, while maintaining privacy and secrecy of the innovator’s ideas.
  4. Idea Protection — The KISSPlatform will give innovators the tools to protect themselves from idea theft, by filing for either a patent, trademark, and copyright as needed.



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Dvorah Graeser

Dvorah Graeser

CEO of KISSPatent, providing strategic patent protection for tech startups