Introducing KISSPlatform

I wanted to introduce you to KISSPlatform, our new innovation platform. We’re developing this platform to help entrepreneurs and companies make the world a better place for all of us. It will support innovators with everything from analyzing their idea for its unique points, to developing it, to protecting it with a patent.

Since 1970, worldwide productivity has stagnated. Even the rah-rah-business Bloomberg is worried that the world has run out of great ideas. But what if the problem was not innovation, but implementation? What if innovators just needed a bit more help to realize their ideas?

We strongly believe that great ideas are still out there, but that innovators need help to develop them. This includes innovators in all companies, both big and small. This view is shared by MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson, among others.

Our KISSPlatform will help entrepreneurs and companies discover internal innovations, protect those innovations with IP (intellectual property), and facilitate the sharing of these ideas with others.

The platform is unique, as it:

  • Relies on AI/machine learning (particularly NLP — Natural Language Processing)

In addition, the platform will also support micropayments for licensing patents through blockchain, which would otherwise be cost-restrictive for smaller businesses and artists because the current micropayment system includes expensive lawyers and cumbersome legal deals.

We’re planning on releasing at least part of the innovation platform as open-source, and are actively working through the details of the product release.

Overall, our goal is to make patent protection accessible to everyone — even those with fewer resources, like startups. We are already supporting clients through our global patent platform, helping clients from all over the world obtain patent protection internationally. We always encourage our clients to obtain patent protection in any and all countries where they may want to do business — and to dream big!

Why an innovation platform?

When I started my first patent business, way back in 2000, I knew that my clients were all frustrated with IP services, including patent and trademark services. They were particularly frustrated with the cost. Hourly charges meant that they never knew exactly how much they would be billed for. And, it also meant that IP firms had no incentive to be efficient or to reduce their costs.

One way that I tried to address their frustration was with fixed price packages, which did ultimately help reduce the uncertainty over their final bill. We’ve maintained the concept of fixed-price packages as our business model ever since.

But fixed-price packages could only go so far to improve access to patent services, particularly for smaller companies or new startups. The main barrier to access, I realized, was that patent services were just too expensive.

So, we implemented back-office technologies to improve our efficiency and to automate some of the work that we were doing. But again, that wasn’t enough to provide access to patent services for everyone. A radical rethink of our delivery of patent services was required.

At the same time, clients often asked for help that went beyond patents. Some of it was related to legal areas that we don’t handle, like contracts or company incorporation. And some of it seemed completely unrelated, like helping them find developer services or a business model guru who could help them pick the best business model.

But for our clients, all of these services were related to their fundamental problem, which was that they needed help realizing their great innovations. We started informally connecting our clients with service providers who could help them make their ideas a success!

We gradually realized that we needed more than a radical overhaul of our patent service model. We needed to completely change our role as a patent service provider in order to meet the needs of our clients.

And so, we created the innovation platform!

KISSPlatform — supporting innovators

KISSPlatform supports innovators and their ideas in a number of different ways, including:

  • Idea analysis

Idea Analysis

Tons of innovators come to us with questions about their ideas. Are they sufficiently new? What are all of the different ways that they can use their idea? What about competitors? Startups wonder if their idea is “important” enough — not realizing how many great features their idea has. Surprisingly, even larger companies don’t always realize how many great innovations that they have. In other words, entrepreneurs and innovators in many different types of companies, from large to small, often have questions about their ideas.

Idea analysis helps innovators work through the best features of their idea — and what they may need help with. Initially, we will provide idea analysis to determine the type of idea that the innovator has and their desired business model. However, we also plan to integrate deeper search facilities to help entrepreneurs discover whether their ideas are truly new.

Suggested Resources

The Beatles sang “I get by with a little help from my friends”. We all need help to develop our great ideas and our businesses. Our world and our technologies are increasingly interconnected — an innovator who tries to go it alone will, ultimately, fail.

But which resources are needed? How should they be integrated? Which ones are most important? And how can an innovator find out which resources are available — and their cost?

On the flip side, many service providers offer great services, but need to find clients that they can provide the biggest benefit for. Often, service providers specialize within a particular area and can best serve clients in that area. Service providers also often don’t realize how their services could best integrate within a client’s development process, as they are only focused on their specific area.

Our KISSPlatform will help to solve this problem in a number of different ways:

  • Help innovators understand which resources are needed for them to realize their dream.

Idea sharing

Eventually, all innovators need to share their ideas in order to make progress. Maybe they need some advice or help with a particular problem. Maybe they need to work with a larger partner company. And of course, at some point, they have to start selling.

All of these activities mean that they have to expose their ideas, first to selected individuals or companies, and then to the public. This exposure can lead to all kinds of problematic consequences — having their ideas stolen, being unable to protect their market niche, and more. Yet without this exposure, innovators can’t progress.

Hence, our innovation platform will support idea sharing in a protected way. Innovators will be able to access truly affordable, world-class patent services, through a combination of automated processes and expert patent consultation. They will also be able to negotiate with potential partners with a secrecy agreement. Furthermore, they will be able to more easily locate potential partners and others to share their ideas with, but without needing to disclose their idea to others first. Instead, the innovation platform will make the best matches to resources and those who can help the innovator, while maintaining privacy and secrecy of the innovator’s ideas.

Idea protection

KISSPlatform can only support innovators by including idea protection services. As described above, these services will enable innovators to obtain world-class idea protection, at an affordable price. It will include patent, trademark, and copyright protection services.

As we have stated many times, filing for a patent increases the valuation of a startup by about $1 million! Filing for a patent also increases the value of an invention, as it enables the innovator to more easily license their idea. Even a patent application can provide such value, including for licensing. And, of course, patent protection also helps protect innovators from copycats and idea theft.

Steve Jobs was famous for stating: “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” For an innovator, idea theft can be devastating. It can kill a small company, or damage a large one.

KISSPlatform will give innovators the tools to protect themselves from idea theft, by filing for a patent.

In addition, trademark protection helps protect names and logos — after all, where would Coca-Cola be without its famous name and logo? And copyright protection helps creators protect their artistic and creative works. KISSPlatform will support all of these innovators to protect their creations — which will also increase their value.

TL;DR Version:

Our KISSPlatform will be comprised of the following features:

  1. Idea Analysis — The KISSPlatform will help innovators realize the best features of their idea and identify where they will need help.

I hope you’re as excited for our innovation platform as I am! Feel free to sign up if you’d like to stay up-to-date with our progress.



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